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Glendale SX – Qualifying

The lap times are in the books and we have a couple bow outs. Jeremy Martin in the 250s and Weston Peick in the 450s crashed out. Justin Hill took the top spot in the 250s while Blake Baggett was quickest in 450s.  Track is getting faster and mistakes will be costly tonight.  Check out the qualifying action!

Glendale SX – Pits & Track Walk

Glendale SX will mark the first truely dry race of the series. Inside the University of Phoexnix stadium will also mark the first race in a venue used primarily for football.  That means the longest start straight of any race this year and very long rhythm lanes.  The whoops are also the biggest. The riders and teams spent a lot of time looking them over. They may be the part of the track that can make or break your qualifying time.  Check out some of the early morning pit action and the track walk.