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Owning and riding a dirt bike comes with responsibility. Not only are you responsible to ride safely with the right equipment, but you are responsible for the maintenance of your steed too. You do not want the engine seizing up over a jump because you still have oil in there from the Clinton administration.  Oil and air filter maintenance is just something we do, right?  But how much to you pay attention to the your suspension?

If you are guilty like me, it probably is not as often as it should be.  The decline in performance is minimal over time so you probably do not even realize how bad it is compare to how it was. And let’s face it, working on your suspension can be intimidating if you are not that handy. Springs, rods, oil, chambers, and shims can scare off the best of us. So, what is the solution? It can be a pain to have to mail it off to some shop out of state that does not even know the condition of the tracks we ride on or the type of rider you are.  But you’re in luck! We have a suspension outfit right here in the valley that can do everything from basic service to full on purpose built suspension. That is why I rang up JB Covington of Ride JBI to help me out.

I am almost embarrassed to say for that for as long as I have been riding, I should be better at evaluating the ride condition of my CRF.  But I’m not. I usually just throw a leg over and ride to have fun. Occasionally I will work the clickers to see if I can feel the difference. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I had a break from riding for a couple weeks so I reached out to JB to see if he can fit me in to service my fork and shock.  He said no problem so I broke out my T handles and brought over my stuff.

I had basic service done to my forks and shock: new oil, replaced some of the wearable parts, and new seals.  He did not replace anything just to replace it.  He inspected each part and let me know if it was still in good working order or if it should be replaced.  I like that. It makes me feel like he is looking out for his customer and providing what they need.

I had a chance to have some conversations with JB when dropping off and picking up.  We benched race but he also asked questions. He wants to know what kind of rider you are and what type of riding you do.  All that information goes into how he can improve your setup and the advice he can dispense from his expertise to provide the riding experience you want.  Did you know he designs his own aftermarket parts? He knows his stuff! You should check out his Pro Perch.  That may be the next Try Out!

The work he did translated to a better riding experience.  Once I hit the track, the small chop did not seem as rough.  If I did not hit the sweet spot on a  landing , it was not as hard of an impact. Traction improved coming out of the corners with the rear wheel tracking better over the terrain. Overall, my riding improved and that means more fun!

I just had the basic stuff done and I know by continuing to work with Ride JBI, they will be able to help get my suspension dialed in and work towards a setup that would perform even better.  Whether that be a revalve, new springs, or just some simple clicker adjustments, JB will be honest in getting you where you want to go.

JB Covington of Ride JBI is local and he rides himself. He knows how the Arizona tracks and trails shape up and how suspension is supposed to work. He can get you dialed in so you can focus on having fun or help get you to that next level in your racing. If your bump sticks need a little TLC just like mine did, or maybe convert those air forks to spring, or want some custom suspension, Ride JBI can provide that and more. They were a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to send any fellow riders in their direction.

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