Online retail is a booming business as customers become increasingly impatient and impatient for their favorite brand’s products. Specially now that customes are able to find thousands of online coupons. Check here for more information.

However, not all products are made equal when it comes to convenience.

The retail sector is a market in its own right and needs to be controlled, with a certain balance between competition and monopolization. As a result, an anti-monopoly law exists to prevent such behavior, as discussed above in Chapter 5. However, it must be noted that one thing a monopolist cannot monopolize is consumers. Consumers have the right to choose among different brands of goods and services and there is no right to the convenience offered by the retail market. The retailers’ position is entirely dependent on the value of the products offered by the stores.

In a world where many things are made by many different companies, the number of opportunities for monopolistic competition is immense. In a competitive market, it is the companies that have the higher value of their goods and services that offer the best prices.

In short, the purpose of a law is to prevent predatory and monopolistic behavior on the part of individuals who, for one reason or another, choose to engage in it. However, a law may also accomplish other goals. One example would be to protect the interest of entrepreneurs in their businesses by forcing them to spend a portion of their profits on advertising and research. There is a difference between protecting a specific interest (such as protecting the interests of entrepreneurs in their business) and a broader interest. One could argue that restricting an entrepreneur’s right to run a business is a broader policy goal than protecting their interest in running a business. But a more important reason to enact a law that would protect the interest of entrepreneurs in their business may be to protect the future of their businesses. What if an entrepreneur decides not to run a business? The question arises whether the entrepreneur is entitled to a “right to continue to own” the business even if that is against the wishes of the majority of its shareholders. To answer this question, one must examine the nature of an owner’s rights as a “shareholder.” Is the owner of a corporation entitled to the rights and duties associated with a “shareholder”? According to the shareholder’s relationship with the corporation, his rights are those of a member of the ownership group. The rights and duties of a “shareholder” are the same as those of a member of the ownership group. Thus, it is not an ownership relationship that exists between the shareholder and the corporation. Instead, a “shareholder” is a person who has received a share of “economic income.” To gain a “share” of economic income, a person must be a member of a “holding corporation.” A “holding corporation” is a corporation organized and operated by a member of a “holding partnership,” a partner in a “holding corporation,” or an “owner-holder” of a “share” of “economic income” received by a corporation by virtue of the membership of such person. See section 857(2)(C).

Ryan Mortensen: Interview

The man behind it all is what his title reads for his photo, which serves him right. From having a long racing history and now being on both sides of the fence. Ryan has a lot of work to do from running to still making it to the line for his 25+ Pro moto, to provide for his family and spreading the word of God wherever he goes. At the last round of the CMC Copperstate I was able to talk with’s very own Ryan Mortensen. I was able to get him away from all of his duties he does on his weekend racing, so check it out. Words / Photos: AW

Hows everything going for you tonight?

Good, Real Good.

Hows the track shaping up for you?

It’s shaping up real good, except for me I’m a little tired. Out of shape a little bit.

Hows been?

Good, just been trying to hit up all the AZ tracks and spread God’s word.

I see you have a both set up?

Yes, the kids are digging it and hopefully have someone take home a bible back to their family and spread God’s word.

Do you ever want to take nationally?

No there are already enough organizations out there doing that, I really want to stay local AZ. I really like the local seen.

How long have you been doing

3 Years now.

Not too many people know but you been around motocross for along time?

Since 1983 when I took home my first trophy, so I have been doing it for a little while.

Can you gives us a run down of what your career has been like in racing motocross?

Turned Pro in 1998 and stayed a local pro mainly since then. I tried some out door nationals and really found my spot in four stroke nationals for a while. I was able to earn national number 17 in 2000 for the four stroke nationals.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in life up to this point looking back on it all?

My beautiful Wife Larissa and my Son Luke.

How old are you now?

I turn 30 on May 26.

What Class are you running tonight?

25+ Pro, I’am just out here to have a fun time tonight and get a moto in.

Words to live by?

Do nothing for selfish reasons, but be humble and consider others better than yourself.

Can you give me a list of who you would like to thank?

First of course, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he makes it all possible. I have a lot of support this year in my racing efforts, I would like to thank: Kawasaki Superstore, Answer Racing, Motoworks Racing Suspension, LeoVince, Scott USA, Amsoil, ASV, Factory Effex, SDG, Bridgestone, Regina Chains, Gaerne, Acerbis, Hinson, Works Connection, and HRP Sports.

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