Spencer Kauffman: Interview


At the last couple of races AZDirt has been at, we have been watching the highly stacked Jr. Class and one of the kids who has been on fire is Spencer Kauffman. He has been taking home wins left and right.  I knew I had to find him and get the down low on him and his plans. I was able to catch up with Spencer and his Dad after the Payson race; this is was what I was able to get out of the both of them.

So give me a run down?

My name is Spencer Kauffman, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Fountain Hills, Arizona.  I ride the 125 Jr and School Boy class on the number 142 Yamaha.

You have been on fire in the Jr. Class lately, what is your racing past been like?

I have been on a big bike since the beginning of the last Summer.  Before that I was on an 85 and won some beginner races and was moved up to age after that.

Wait how long have you been riding?

I have only been riding for about 4 years now.

That’s cool.  So do you train?  What is your schedule like for riding and training?

I do a lot of in-the-gym work and I have a track right at my house that I use a lot.

You did World Mini recently.  How did you do up there?

I crashed a lot, but I think I ended up 12th overall in Jr.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

First, probably move up to 125 Int. after the last CMC Copperstate Classic.  Also, we have a house up in Colorado and I think we are going to be up there for a while training and riding.

Intermediate huh?


So this is more than a weekend adventure for you?

Ya, I would really like to go pro some day and try to make something out of it.

Who helps you out with everything?

Well I do all my bike work and my Dad brings me to the races and helps me with my gate and everything.

Well, it sounds like you are on the right track here!  I would say Good Luck but I don’t think you will need it.




Copperstate Rnd 6

The final round of the CMC Copperstate Classic was this past Saturday night at Arizona Cycle Park and what a great night of racing it was. AZDirt was on hand with all of our crew to capture the moment and bring it to you. Amsoil presents Round 6 of the CMC Copperstate Classic FRESH squeezed edition only here on AZDirt.com. Check out www.az-syntheticlubes.com for all of your Amsoil product needs.

Photos: AWhite / SS Intern Video: Worm Words: Awhite

This kid was big pimping it.

Jon Jon rips on his 65.

Cody had a bad get off in Friday night’s practice, but was back to action saturday night with a new pipe, and front fender.

Super Flagger was on duty.


First moto was 250 Jr.


Dusty took top honors in it!


85 Age started out with the Ty taking the win by a large margin.


Cody’s night didn’t start out the way he wanted with a blown up bike while in the lead.


David King was riding really good all night.


Matthew Meulemans took home 50 beginner again.


Brady Courson-guinn would take home second place.


The Vet class was packed!

That’s AZ Dirt right there.

Getting ready for the start of the Pro and Int race.

Deven Raper would win the Pro moto.

Out of state Bruce Weatherford came out first in the Int class by a large margin.

Jon Jon would take the win, but not easily with a crash and an awesome battle with Buddy Wentworth. Note – Buddy in the background.

Spencer Kauffman was on fire in the School Boy class. It would earn him a 2nd place.

Finally, after a blown up bike and a fuel line falling off, Cody came back to holeshot and win 85 Open.

The 430 of Jacob Ngo showed some great speed in the Int class.

Cody wouldn’t stop there. This is how close the supermini moto was!

Weatherford would take top honors in all the Int classes.

Deven Raper would win all the Pro motos.

This little one had a tough night, after I watched him fight picking up his bike in the mud. I went to help him only to be roosted with mud.

He came up short.

Another out of stater would take the 125 novice class.

That’s all folks!

Photo Gallery Link – http://awhitedesigns.com/freshsqueezed/copperstaterd6/photogallery/

Worm Productions was able to capture video for this weeks FRESH squeezed…


Thursday Teaser

Arizona’s most prestigious motocross championship series, the CMC Copperstate Classic at Arizona Cycle Park is racing under the lights for this weekend. Saturday night, May 10th is Round 6 of the CMC Copperstate Classic; Gates open 3PM and Practice 5PM. May 9th Friday night will be practice at ACP. Practice will start at 6PM and end at 10PM. Now, for the news everyone wants to know……track changes! ACP is going to be running a new hill for this round at the West end of the pit, this is not the same hill they ran for the last round. Bobby and the track crew have been hard at work rebuilding the whole track with the loader, bring in new sand & mulch. AZDirt.com will be on hand for all your need to know info for the Monday morning FRESH squeezed. So make sure your don’t miss it.

See You at the Races!


Kyle Dearing: Interview

If you haven’t met little Kyle Dearing yet, which pretty much everyone has, as he makes his presence known on and off the track. Kyle is taking a step back this year from being so serious with all the sponsors and the racing drama to see if it will help him take off the stress. So far it seems to be working as he is leading the series in all of his classes in the CMC Copperstate Classic. We were able to catch up with Kyle for an interview and this is what we were able to get out of him.

So give me a rundown?
My name is Kyle Dearing, I’m 10 years old, my number is 99, and I live in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

What classes do you ride?
I ride 65 10-11 mod and stock.

Have you hit up any nationals this year?
Yes, we did World Mini and Amateur Open.

How did that go?
In my run offs I finished 15th in 65 10-11 Stock, 18th 65 10-11 Mod, and 21st 65 Open at World Mini. I took a 6th and 9th at Amateur Open.

Do you plan on doing any more nationals?
I wish I could, but right now it just doesn’t look like we will be able to.

So how has the series been so far?
Pretty good. I’m leading all my classes and I hope to take the overall tonight.

What are your plans to do with your prizes when you win?
I hope I win two bicycles so I can go trade them in for one really good one.

So it sounds like you have it all figured out?

What if they don’t give you a bicycle and its something else?
I don’t know what I’ll do, but I know I would be really bummed!

Thanks Kyle for the interview, anything you would like to thank?
I want to thank my Mom and Dad; they do so much for me along with my Grandpa. He helps me with everything too. Bill Shugg, Dearing Trucking, TSR Contracting, Bent Clothing, AZDirt.com, and all of my other sponsors that I can’t remember right now thank you so much.

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Ryan Mortensen: Interview

The man behind it all is what his title reads for his photo, which serves him right. From having a long racing history and now being on both sides of the fence. Ryan has a lot of work to do from running Motoxriders.net to still making it to the line for his 25+ Pro moto, to provide for his family and spreading the word of God wherever he goes. At the last round of the CMC Copperstate I was able to talk with Motoxriders.net’s very own Ryan Mortensen. I was able to get him away from all of his duties he does on his weekend racing, so check it out. Words / Photos: AW

Hows everything going for you tonight?

Good, Real Good.

Hows the track shaping up for you?

It’s shaping up real good, except for me I’m a little tired. Out of shape a little bit.

Hows Motoxriders.net been?

Good, just been trying to hit up all the AZ tracks and spread God’s word.

I see you have a both set up?

Yes, the kids are digging it and hopefully have someone take home a bible back to their family and spread God’s word.

Do you ever want to take Motoxriders.net nationally?

No there are already enough organizations out there doing that, I really want to stay local AZ. I really like the local seen.

How long have you been doing Motoxriders.net?

3 Years now.

Not too many people know but you been around motocross for along time?

Since 1983 when I took home my first trophy, so I have been doing it for a little while.

Can you gives us a run down of what your career has been like in racing motocross?

Turned Pro in 1998 and stayed a local pro mainly since then. I tried some out door nationals and really found my spot in four stroke nationals for a while. I was able to earn national number 17 in 2000 for the four stroke nationals.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in life up to this point looking back on it all?

My beautiful Wife Larissa and my Son Luke.

How old are you now?

I turn 30 on May 26.

What Class are you running tonight?

25+ Pro, I’am just out here to have a fun time tonight and get a moto in.

Words to live by?

Do nothing for selfish reasons, but be humble and consider others better than yourself.

Can you give me a list of who you would like to thank?

First of course, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he makes it all possible. I have a lot of support this year in my racing efforts, I would like to thank: Kawasaki Superstore, Answer Racing, Motoworks Racing Suspension, LeoVince, Scott USA, Amsoil, ASV, Factory Effex, SDG, Bridgestone, Regina Chains, Gaerne, Acerbis, Hinson, Works Connection, and HRP Sports.

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