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Weekend Teaser

Racing this weekend:

Payson Race

Friday Night Practice From 6PM to 10PM

Saturday Night Race; Gates Open at 2PM, Practice starts at 3:30 PM

Sunday Race; Gates Open at 6AM, Practice at 7:30AM

AZdirt.com will be on hand for all your racing action and will be bring it to you for the Fresh Squeezed, every Monday Morning.

Practicing this weekend:

ACP Practice


Firebird Practice

Practice (Bikes and Quads): Friday Aug 1st, 6PM – 11PM

Practice (Bikes Only): Saturday Aug 2nd, 6PM – 12PM

ET Motopark Practice

Practice (Bikes and Quads): All Tracks, Saturday Aug 2nd, 6am – 11am

Practice (Bikes and Quads): All Tracks, Sunday Aug 3rd, 6am – 11am


TV Coverage

Fox Sports News – Motosports Mania Coverage will be covering the next two rounds up in Payson along with AZDirt.com. So if you are looking for a weekend get away for the 4th of July with fireworks, some racing and a peaceful Sunday look no further than Payson, AZ. 

For more info on hotels and other Payson activities please go to www.paysonrimcountry.com

And for all your weekend racing needs go to www.firebirdmx.com

Also dont forget to check back in with AZDirt.com on Monday for your full report.

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