Spring Saturday MX – Jan19 2019

Rain earlier in the week leading up to round 1 was just what the doctor ordered. It was perfect track for the Spring MX series at Arizona Cycle Park. Track changes and sunny weather made for great racing. Check out all the action in the RideNow Powersports Race Gallery!

If you would like to see more pictures of yourself, leave a comment below with you bike, number, and moto/classs you raced.

25 thoughts on “Spring Saturday MX – Jan19 2019”

  1. Thanks Kris, do you have more of 527 in 1 and 13 as well as 557 in race 6. Thank you sir

  2. Kris, Can you also send Tanners pics to our email as well. He was races 10 & 13 #622. Thank You

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