What boot is the right boot for you? There are a lot of choices out there and a lot of variables to consider. Alpinestars has addressed all those variables to provide a lineup that checks off just about everyone’s priorities. In this Try Out, we review the Tech 7 motocross boot.

The Tech 10 is the top shelf boot Alpinestars offers and is arguably the leader of the premium boot category. But not all of us want or need top-of-the-line.  Whether it is due to budget, safety features, booties, or comfort, there are other choices that may be a better fit for your situation. So, what does the Tech 7 have to offer?

Of course before any riding took place, the boots went on and I did some walking around the house. These did not need much break in, if any, but it’s always nice to get a feel. The fit is snug (in a good way) and you can make it as tight or as loose with the four buckle system that is self-aligning. These buckles are very easy to close up and they did not come undone while testing them out. The straps can be adjusted to length so if you want it snug over the top of the foot but loose around the calf, you can do that or any other combination that makes you comfortable on the bike. I also liked that the top of the boot wrapped around my calf and did not have any gaps for dirt or rocks to find their way in.

Inside the boot felt great. Once I started riding my foot stayed put! It did not feel like I was swimming in it. The Internal lining includes anti-slip microfiber suede on the heel to help keep your foot in position, and it did its job. There is also foam reinforcement to help secure the ankle and with shock absorption. Nothing but a thumbs up for how the Tech 7 enveloped my foot, ankle, and calf.

What does the Tech 7 offer on the outside? One thing is great ankle support built in. The ankle protection system, constructed out of TPU (a fancy polymer) incorporates a biomechanical link between the middle and bottom sections of the boot helping prevent damage to the leg by providing progressive force relief for torsional forces. In other words, less chance of twisting an ankle in a rut. That is probably the stiffest part of the boot and did take some seat time to loosen up to where I got the feel of the shifter and break pedal.

Other protections include calf protector plate, one piece TPU shin plate, and TPU medial side panel that incorporates an advanced honeycomb rubber insert and is designed for excellent grip against the bike while guarding against impact.

One of the knocks the Tech series had in the past was the lifespan of the sole. That is a fine line to walk. Make it so it has tremendous amount of feel and feedback, and the sole wears out too quick. Make the sole to last through the next apocalypse and you might as well strap two by fours to the bottom of your feet. I think Alpinestars has resolved this issue with the dual compound sole. Only time will tell with the high strength sole construction of the Tech 7, but my previous Tech series boots have withheld the test of time and durability. I don’t see any reason why the Tech 7 won’t follow suit.

That is a lot of fancy jargon that basically says soft on the inside, hard on the outside, and moves where it should and protects where vulnerable. But what we really want to know, how does it feel while on the bike? Once there was some very minimal break in, adjusting the four straps for the feel I wanted was easy. While riding with all that protective TPU, it did not make the Tech 7 feel so bulky that I could not grip the bike. I felt I had great control. The toe box was nimble enough to get under the shifter and the sole provided great feedback while on the pegs or stabbing the rear break. I am very impressed with the overall look, feel, and (hopefully) durability of the Tech 7. If you are not keen on the booty or price of the Tech 10, going with the Tech 7 is not a drop in quality, feel, or protection. Only price.

Alpinestars Tech 7 as tested: $349.95 retail

Check out the Tech 7 at our local dealers. It’s not a black and white world out on the track or trail anymore. There are plenty of colorways to tickle your fancy!

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