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Arizona’s most prestigious motocross championship series, the CMC Copperstate Classic at Arizona Cycle Park is racing under the lights for this weekend. Saturday night, May 10th is Round 6 of the CMC Copperstate Classic; Gates open 3PM and Practice 5PM. May 9th Friday night will be practice at ACP. Practice will start at 6PM and end at 10PM. Now, for the news everyone wants to know……track changes! ACP is going to be running a new hill for this round at the West end of the pit, this is not the same hill they ran for the last round. Bobby and the track crew have been hard at work rebuilding the whole track with the loader, bring in new sand & mulch. will be on hand for all your need to know info for the Monday morning FRESH squeezed. So make sure your don’t miss it.

See You at the Races!

Kyle Dearing: Interview

If you haven’t met little Kyle Dearing yet, which pretty much everyone has, as he makes his presence known on and off the track. Kyle is taking a step back this year from being so serious with all the sponsors and the racing drama to see if it will help him take off the stress. So far it seems to be working as he is leading the series in all of his classes in the CMC Copperstate Classic. We were able to catch up with Kyle for an interview and this is what we were able to get out of him.

So give me a rundown?
My name is Kyle Dearing, I’m 10 years old, my number is 99, and I live in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

What classes do you ride?
I ride 65 10-11 mod and stock.

Have you hit up any nationals this year?
Yes, we did World Mini and Amateur Open.

How did that go?
In my run offs I finished 15th in 65 10-11 Stock, 18th 65 10-11 Mod, and 21st 65 Open at World Mini. I took a 6th and 9th at Amateur Open.

Do you plan on doing any more nationals?
I wish I could, but right now it just doesn’t look like we will be able to.

So how has the series been so far?
Pretty good. I’m leading all my classes and I hope to take the overall tonight.

What are your plans to do with your prizes when you win?
I hope I win two bicycles so I can go trade them in for one really good one.

So it sounds like you have it all figured out?

What if they don’t give you a bicycle and its something else?
I don’t know what I’ll do, but I know I would be really bummed!

Thanks Kyle for the interview, anything you would like to thank?
I want to thank my Mom and Dad; they do so much for me along with my Grandpa. He helps me with everything too. Bill Shugg, Dearing Trucking, TSR Contracting, Bent Clothing,, and all of my other sponsors that I can’t remember right now thank you so much.

Payson MX

Wick Chiropractic is bringing this week’s Fresh Squeezed update to you. AZDirt headed up to Payson, Arizona for the 2008 Summer Gold Motocross Series for some great racing action. We will also be having Worm checking in with from the Vegas Supercross and Mini Moto.

Payson MX Report

It was nice to get away from the heat in Phoenix, and experience cooler weather. Round 1 of the Summer Gold Series provided everyone with some awesome racing action. So sit back and let us recap your weekend report with a Fresh Squeezed AZDirt. Words/Video/Photos: AW/SV

The track was fresh. Literally, the track crew built everything this week to fit inside the Payson Fairgrounds.

Cody McElroy, and Bailey Bruner showed up and banged bars all night.

The 212 of Kyle Hutchenson was hucking the Finish Line double which would score him 1st place in the PW 7-8 and PW Open.

2020 Supercross Champion.

The first 85 Age moto was an epic dog fight battle to the end. Cody and Bailey exchanged plastic the whole moto.

Spencer is on a role in the Jr class.

The 73 of Drai Nichols took home the 30+ Jr.

The first 250 Pro moto was this close for a majority of the moto.

The lap after lap of pressure. Bill MacMaster cracked and handed it over to Nathan Mahoney. Mahoney would take the win!

MacMaster would fall over just right after the pass.

Bailey would play catch up in the 85 Open moto after an early moto crash.

Scoring table!

The Dash for Cash was the one to watch as Worth would take the win. He would start a straight behind the Pros. As they battled, Worth slipped by on the outside. Worth wasn’t eligible for the money, but still took the moto win.

These two weren’t done yet.

Bailey would come back in the second moto of 85 12-13 to take the win.

Cody would go on to win the 85 Open and Supermini.

Bishop, MacMaster, and Mahoney wait for there moto in staging.

Scott Austin was keeping the 2-stroke alive along with a handful of people in Payson Saturday night.

Mahoney would end up taking the overall in the 250 Pro.

Shout out to Mad Photos

Cold weather was nice.

In the open moto Worth was up against Mahoney again but in a different class, he came this close before the finish line.

The 134 of Buddy Wentworth took top honors in the 65- 9-11 and 65 Open.

Laying it over.

Spencer Kauffman would take home a 250 Jr win.

Bishop must have been in retirement for awhile cause we haven’t seen him at the track, but he came out for this race to win the 450 Jr.

The trophies were sick!

See you at the races.

30+ Pro 100 Justin Crawfod 30+ Int 49 James Bellinger
145 Craig Pelleran 30+ Jr 73 Drai Nichols
323 Jesse Belcher
59 Randy Feigert 40+ AMT 230 John McNew
83 Bernie Gilson 40+ Master 27 Lonnie Smedstad 25+ Master 58 Brian Law 80 12-13 223 Baily Brunner
14 Cody McElroy
220 Stephen Ellis 80 7-11 61 Thunder Ralston 80 Beg 450 Brett Worth
532 Hunter Wyman
223x Jeff Kelley (bailey bruners cousin) PW 7-8 212 Kyle Hutcheson
211 Jake Carlson PW 4-6 4 Tanner Amanillas Pw Beg 118 Tanner Gibson
63 Sabastian Cristenson
72 Jordan Hill 250 Pro 68 Nathan Mahoney
21 Bill MacMaster (coming off injury) 250 Int 58 Brian Law 65 Beg 457 Ryan Carlson
98 Donovan Cross
79 Jaren Flowers 65 0-8 212 Kyle Hutcheson 65 9-11 66 134 Buddy Wentworth
67 611 Thunder Ralston PW open 212 Kyle Hutcheson
4 Tanner Amarillas
211 Jake Carlson 450 Open 276 Ryan Bishop
271 Bobby Worth
39 David Law 450 Beg 773 Brian Belnap
24 Luke Jones
87 Scott Austin 250 Beg 714 Tristen Hunter
31 Austin Krehbiel
773 Brian Belnap 250 Jr 142 Spencer Kauffman
31 James MacMaster
474 Justin Sweet 80 Open 14 Cody McElroy
223 Baily Bruner
61 Thunder Ralston 450 Int 271 Bobbby Worth
39 David Law 450 Jr 276 Ryan Bishop
665 Justin Sweet
225 Tyler Jones 450 Pro 21 Bill Mac Master
68 Nathan Mahoney Supermini 14 Cody McElroyo
601 Tristan Hunter 60 Open 134 Buddy Wentworth
611 Thunder Ralston
457 Ryan Carlson


Now over to Worm-


We started off on our way to Vegas for the final round of the Supercross series, traveling with Chris Blose a local pro this was going to be an interesting weekend. Leaving on Thursday at 11:00AM we headed out to Las Vegas, we arrived at 4:30PM, we checked in to our hotel the Orleans were the 2008 Mini Moto Supercross was going on. Chris was competing in the Mini Moto with bike supplied by SSR Motorsports based out of china. Showing up Chris was concerned about his bike that he was riding, but his mind would quickly change after being able to swing a leg over the bike. The bike looked amazing! Michael (Chris’s Brother) showed up later so we headed out for a bit to eat with him. We then headed out to Sam Boyd Stadium to check in with everyone and then headed back to the hotel to get a good night sleep for Mini Moto the next day.


We woke up to a beautiful day in the Sin City were we grabbed breakfast and headed out to Mini Moto. Chris started out with his 10-inch class were he was getting use to the bike; the 12-inch Chris had would have some issues with the brakes. Michael aboard his Red Baron bikes was looking great and looking forward to regaining his Mini Moto 10-inch championship back! Qualifiers: Mike came out with a great start and ended up taking the win in both 10-inch and 12-inch. Chris also took the start and would go on to win both 10 and 12-inch. The Crowed was ready for a brother show down!
Mains: Mike and Chris got out to a great start in the 10-inch with Mike in 2nd and Chris in 3rd, but later on Chris had a miss hap and fell, Mike held on and would finish 2nd. The 12-inch class started out with Chris getting a fairly good start with Mike in the back of the pack, Chris ended up getting taken out and would fall towards the back of the pack, Mike would came back to get a respectable 5th place.


It was a new day for the Blose Brothers, tonight was the 2008 East Coast West Coast Shoot Out. Chris and Mike had a difficult practice, with the track as wet as it was even RV had some spills. Practice 2 would be different Mike and Chris riding very well, except Chris didn’t seem to think he had a groove with this track. The West Coast qualifier class was stacked, Mike and Chris both had bad gate picks, and that led them to a difficult heat race were nether would qualify. The LCQ was very interesting, Mike and Chris had a good start and Chris worked his way in to 5th, but could not take over the 4th place position due to casing a jump, Mike was not far behind but both wouldn’t make it to the main.

Mike and Chris rode great and as hard as they could. They are looking forward to the first Outdoor National that will be held at Glen Helen on May 25th.

Overall Vegas was very action packed and interesting, I’m look forward to Glen Helen and the Great Outdoors, until them, see you at the races!


Tuesday we will be introducing you to Kyle Dearing, as we got the down low on him at the last CMC Copperstate!

Check back with us on Friday for a flick you don’t want to miss. We were able to catch up with Jon Jon Ames, fresh off his championship up in Vegas. This is one Friday Flick you dont want to miss out on!

Only here at! See you at the races.

Copperstate RND5

Ready for your Monday morning update? brings you the recap of Round 5 of the CMC Copperstate at ACP. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Kevin Riley letting me borrow his camera. So, a big shout out to you Kevin. This was the first race under the lights at ACP in 2008. The new track layout for this round would bring some great racing action for alot of racers; and, for a few, a tough night. Your weekend update starts now at with FRESH squeezed. Photos / Words AW.

Bucky showed up!


Douglas French ran a 250cc 2 stroke, in the 125 and 250 Intermediate Class.

Spencer Kauffman aboard his 142 Yamaha machine. He would go on to take the win in 125 JR.

Buddi Bruner looked good in practice ripping up some fresh loam.

Miles Shugg didn’t have the night he was looking for. It started with one blown up bike.

Cody McElroy fresh off his broken collar bone.

Jaissac Sloan had a bad start to the night, but came back in his later motos.

The 223 of Bailey Bruner had an up and down night.

Jon Jon rides 85’s too. Fresh off his Championship from World Mini.

The 662 of Siminoe is out here training with Ames. He came out for a little racing action.

The dirt was so good!

The dirt was so good that this guy even tried to eat some.

Superflagger! Check out those goggles.

Most people don’t know, but Cody Katsilas lifts the gate and races too……Props!

Cougar Bon Jovi.

662’s pipe broke in practice, but they fixed it in time for the race.


No comment.

Rob is all Business.

You might not be able to see it, but the 24 ride of Tyler Pearson is being ran over in the pic. Don’t worry, he got right back up like a champion and finished the moto.


Buddi took the first moto.

There is that 2-stroke again. Frenchie took 2nd this moto.

He didn’t get any air off of it. I swear. Haha

Why are you so muddy?

Novice start.

Bailey took the win on this one……85cc Open.

That’s how fast, I’m serious.

I received a face full of dirt just to get this picture. It’s going on the site for sure.

Doug’s night ended early with a a hurt wrist, but not broken!

3 out of 4 isn’t too bad.

Ya, it was that nice.

He’s fast, on an 85 to.

I’m not kidding you, it wasn’t just one corner.

He was all business!

He has his mechanic’s pass. He’s good.

Dusty Tellez took home 250 JR.


Told you he was all business.

Kyle Dearing, he’s leading the series in 65cc 9-11.

McElroy and Sloan seemed to be the only one’s who could run the pace of Siminoe

Bucky looked really really good. I believe he took some Pro moto wins.

That’s all Folks!

Ryan Mortensen: Interview

The man behind it all is what his title reads for his photo, which serves him right. From having a long racing history and now being on both sides of the fence. Ryan has a lot of work to do from running to still making it to the line for his 25+ Pro moto, to provide for his family and spreading the word of God wherever he goes. At the last round of the CMC Copperstate I was able to talk with’s very own Ryan Mortensen. I was able to get him away from all of his duties he does on his weekend racing, so check it out. Words / Photos: AW

Hows everything going for you tonight?

Good, Real Good.

Hows the track shaping up for you?

It’s shaping up real good, except for me I’m a little tired. Out of shape a little bit.

Hows been?

Good, just been trying to hit up all the AZ tracks and spread God’s word.

I see you have a both set up?

Yes, the kids are digging it and hopefully have someone take home a bible back to their family and spread God’s word.

Do you ever want to take nationally?

No there are already enough organizations out there doing that, I really want to stay local AZ. I really like the local seen.

How long have you been doing

3 Years now.

Not too many people know but you been around motocross for along time?

Since 1983 when I took home my first trophy, so I have been doing it for a little while.

Can you gives us a run down of what your career has been like in racing motocross?

Turned Pro in 1998 and stayed a local pro mainly since then. I tried some out door nationals and really found my spot in four stroke nationals for a while. I was able to earn national number 17 in 2000 for the four stroke nationals.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in life up to this point looking back on it all?

My beautiful Wife Larissa and my Son Luke.

How old are you now?

I turn 30 on May 26.

What Class are you running tonight?

25+ Pro, I’am just out here to have a fun time tonight and get a moto in.

Words to live by?

Do nothing for selfish reasons, but be humble and consider others better than yourself.

Can you give me a list of who you would like to thank?

First of course, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he makes it all possible. I have a lot of support this year in my racing efforts, I would like to thank: Kawasaki Superstore, Answer Racing, Motoworks Racing Suspension, LeoVince, Scott USA, Amsoil, ASV, Factory Effex, SDG, Bridgestone, Regina Chains, Gaerne, Acerbis, Hinson, Works Connection, and HRP Sports.

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