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Is it monsoon season yet? What a wild Buckeye Drags at Arizona Cycle Park! The summer months in Arizona keep the days boring but when that sun goes down, who knows what mother nature will unleash? Last night it was a mighty wind. I’m sure a few air filters need cleaning. Check out the mud bog, sand drag, and short course action in the RideNow Powersports gallery.

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2021 SPRING SATURDAY MX – RD3 March 13 2021

How fun was it to race under the clouds and wearing the hoodies? We don’t get those kind of conditions in Arizona too often so it’s a nice change to the clear blue skies! Round 3 of the Spring Saturday MX series is in the books and the championship battles are set for round 4. But take some time to reflect on yesterday’s action with the RideNow Powersports Race Gallery!

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There was no better way to wrap up the 2020 Fall Saturday MX series. Blue sunny skies and a tinge of chill in the air. Nothing beats MX in Arizona during December. Congrats to the class champs. But we are all winners with the free RideNow Powersports pictures. Pick up your trophy below!

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The Saturday MX series keeps growing! A bigger turnout than round 1 and we even got to enjoy a pro class battle it out for some cabbage. It is great to see familiar faces line up and meet the folks new to racing. There is no better way to get your feet wet than Saturday MX and the RideNow Powersports race gallery. Check out the action!

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How good did it feel to get back to racing? It was great to see everyone out there, and a few with some longer hair than when we last lined up. And there were a bunch of new faces lining up too! Saturday MX is a great way to have fun with a little competition thrown in. So, check out the friendly competition with the RideNow powersports Race Gallery.

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Copperstate May 30 2020

Who was excited to get back to some racing? I know I was stoked to get back to the track and watch some gate drops. A one-off Copperstate race at Arizona Cycle Park on a Saturday night was just what the doctor ordered to chase away those Covid blues! Check out the racing action!

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buckeye gp – jan 5 2020

When reflecting upon the year that came to a close, I can’t help but remember the fun at the Buckeye Hare Scramble. And when I remember that, it means just a short wait to the next one! This year it was a GP format, but that did not mean any less fun. When the two motocross tracks are linked up and then adding in the sand wash, you can’t help but smile. AMRA and Arizona Cycle Park put on one heck of an event!

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SMX & Cactus state – Final round Dec 14 2019

Two series, one finale! Both the Saturday MX and Cactus State final rounds culminated at Arizona Cycle Park under perfect conditions. Weather was the envy of anyone not in Arizona and the recent rains just added to the prime track conditions. Congrats to all the champs, but because of the fun had by all, we are all winners. And the winning prize are free pictures brought to you by RideNow Powersports!

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