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Buckeye Drags Sept 2019

Fall is in the air, at least by Arizona standards. It was a great turn out of UTVs and purpose built sand drag bikes to spice up a Saturday night at Arizona Cycle Park for the September edition of the Buckeye Drags. Check out all the fun that was had when the sun dipped below the horizon.

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Buckeye Drags May 2019

We are in that sweet time of year in Arizona. The days are warm (not hot) but when that sun goes down, it is perfect to go to the Buckeye Drags at Arizona Cycle Park. Mud bogs, UTV Short Course, and the world famous San Drags. It truly is a run-what-you-brung event. Check out what was brung!

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Buckeye Drags april 2019

Summer is quickly approaching, but the temps drop and the fun meter is pegged when the sun sets at the Buckeye Drags. Cool temps and hot drag action on the sand and mud what is what the doctor ordered. The adults went home sandy and the kids muddy. Who could ask for more on an April night in Arizona? Check out all the fast and dirty action!

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Buckeye Drags July 28 2018

Storms to the north of us! Storms to the south of us! But they knew better than to encroach onto Arizona Cycle Park for the July edition of the Buckeye Drags.  After a brutal week of heat, perfect weather greeted those that jumped their UTVs, sped down the sand drag, or plowed through the mud bog.  Check out all the fun!

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Buckeye Drags – June 30 2018

Who says we can’t have fun in the summer here in Arizona.  Those people don’t know what happens when the sun goes down!  And all the fun went down at Arizona Cycle Park for the Buckeye Drags. Sand, mud, UTV’s, oh my! If it has wheels and engine, there was some fun to be had. Check out all the action!

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