How good did it feel to get back to racing? It was great to see everyone out there, and a few with some longer hair than when we last lined up. And there were a bunch of new faces lining up too! Saturday MX is a great way to have fun with a little competition thrown in. So, check out the friendly competition with the RideNow powersports Race Gallery.

If you want to see any more pictures of yourself, leave a comment below with your bike, number, and moto you were in.

42 thoughts on “FALL SATURDAY MX – OCT 3 2020”

  1. Thank you for the pics. Can I please see any you have of bike 429 a ktm in the 85cc beginner and 85 open classes. Moto # 2 and 11. Thanks again

  2. I would some more pics, I have the American flag bike with the eagle on it, my number is 915 and I was in the 250 cc beginner class.

  3. i would like some more pics my number on my bike was 19 and i was in 250cc beginner class race 6

  4. Great pictures. If you have more of 503s I would love to see them. I was in both motos of race 1,5,12,15.

  5. My son was moto 8 and 16. His number is 687. Awsome job they all look amazing. 🤙🏻

  6. Great pics of everyone! It was fun! If I could see more of #181 in race 14 please and thank you!

  7. Great pics! Super job! May I trouble you for #813 (Black Rockstar CRF450) Russ ODonnell, and #206 (Blue/white YZ125) Jacobus Damwijk? Thank you so much!

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